Our beautiful village, Lefkos, is located on the west coast of Karpathos.
The charm of our traditional fishing village is a real inspiration. In the local minimarkets you'll find everything you need for daily life.

The island's capital Pigadia is about 38 km, the airport of the island about 34 km away.
If you are interested in the history of the island Karpathos, visit some of our historical places in Lefkos, e.g. the small, marvellous Byzantine church of Saint George with its rare mural paintings, located near the village entrance.
Hobby archaeologists like to go on a fishing boat trip to the small island Sókastro, where ruins of the Byzantine epoch can be discovered.


On a hiking tour through the highland of Lefkos you will discover more sights. Have a look inside the "catacombs" which probably originate from the Roman age. Your way reliably leads you to the cave of Lefkos. Discover the old wall relics and the bizarre ceiling consisting of innumerable corals and shells.

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